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Invictus Intense, an extraordinary virility in perfume

Invictus Intense, an extraordinary virility
Invictus Intense, an extraordinary virility

Francesco Rabaneda y Cuervo, nicknamed Paco Rabanne, founded his fashion house in 1966. Considered a nonconformist and avant-garde, Paco Rabonne reinvents fashion by using unconventional materials such as aluminum, luminescent fabrics, suede, or even wooden beads… His first fragrance “Calambre” came out in 1969 and his first perfume for men “Paco Rabanne” has become a timeless fragrance. At the end of 2016, Paco Rabanne unveils a new version of his favorite elixir, “Invictus Intense”. As sensual as its elder, “Invictus Intense” exudes an extraordinary virility.

Invictus, the hero of Paco Rabanne

“Invictus” is the symbol of victory, dynamism and masculine energy. Released in 2013, “Invictus” is all about strength, glory and virility. This modern day hero is afraid of nothing and nothing can resist him. You should know that in Latin, the term “Invictus” means undefeated, which we do not triumph, therefore invincible …

The irreproachable plastic beauty of the man “Invictus” corresponds precisely to the Greek ideal of male beauty. At the start of 2016, Paco Rabanne offered a variation of his star perfume, in a fresher fragrance, but still as virile “Invictus Acqua”. At the end of 2016, Paco Rabanne surprises us once again by unveiling “Invictus Intense”, where the hero is more virile than ever. Always triumphant, “Invictus Intense” is a fragrance of unprecedented intensity, the scent of a hero at the height of his power. The invincible man is back here to the delight of these ladies!

The woody-amber notes of Invictus

“Invictus Intense” is a powerful woody-amber fragrance where two opposing forces attract. “Invictus Intense” begins with the luminosity of orange blossom. This goes wonderfully well with the spicy aspect of black pepper. The aromatic heart is loaded with laurel flower accompanied by whiskey cream, for more voluptuousness. Finally, the base is ultra sensual and virile thanks to the presence of ambergris and salty black amber. An absolutely stunning accord crossed by the energy of the woods. As for the bottle, it uses the main codes of its elders and we find the emblematic trophy of Paco Rabanne. However, it is more intense thanks to the lacquered glass of the cup, which is adorned with a gradient of gray. The metal hood also features stronger, more manly tones.

After the success of Paco Rabanne’s hero in 2013, the latter offers a stronger variation with “Invictus Intense”. If the latter fits into the codes of his elder, he wants to be much more powerful, virile and more invincible than ever.

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