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Paco Rabanne – Black XS Elle

Black XS for Her: Mademoiselle smells of rock!
Black XS for Her: Mademoiselle smells of rock!

Black XS Los Angeles for women, the rock spirit of Paco Rabanne

Upon their release in 2005, Black XS perfumes triumphantly imposed a new style on the heart of the Paco Rabanne house. In this case, they were anchored in a particularly rock universe. They symbolized excess in all its glory without lacking in glamor. Also, Paco Rabanne decided to reinterpret once again his star essence. He then wished to pay tribute to the city which is considered to be the cradle of rock ‘n’ roll. The new essence of the house will now be called Black XS Los Angeles. With her everything is played in intensity and her feminine version is intended for a woman who is not afraid of anything.

The smell of the new Black XS Los Angeles for women

With this new essence, Paco Rabanne wanted to target a clientele of women with a strong temperament. However, Black XS Los Angeles retains an element of duality. In this case, it perfectly combines particularly sensual scents with a more raw aspect. Its scent begins with a particularly invigorating note of bitter orange. Although this brings great dynamism to the whole, it is worked in an almost candied way and then makes you think of a sweet marmalade. Then, its smell is contrasted by the addition of cranberry, coconut and tamarind. In this sense, Black XS Los Angeles for women does not lack exoticism. Moreover, his heart is enhanced with a touch of rum. However, it is perfectly dosed and does not become heady. It is contrasted by very feminine scents of rose and orchid. Then, it is in its background that Black XS Los Angeles draws its intensity. This combines the sweetness of vanilla, the depth of amber and the more animal aspect of musk. The Black XS Los Angeles woman becomes very sensual while remaining particularly sassy.

Sky Ferreira, new muse of Paco Rabanne

Also, in order to stick to the image of its perfume, the house of Paco Rabanne has endowed itself with a charming muse that does not lack provocation. In this case, it is the very beautiful Sky Ferreira. The latter is known for her multiple talents. She is notably a singer, composer, performer, model and even actress. Suffice to say that she has more than one string to her bow. In addition, the new perfume of the house of Paco Rabanne seems to stick to her skin since it is in the city of Los Angeles that the latter grew up alongside her grandmother, who was none other than the personal hairdresser of Michael Jackson. The latter has always told her that she had “something special”, a phrase that has remained anchored in her and to which she undoubtedly owes part of her current notoriety. Today, her success is only growing and she is notably the little protégé of the sulphurous Miley Cyrus. It must be said that under her teenage look, the latter does not lack temperament and is a bit provocative. Also, she says she is delighted to be the new face of the house of Paco Rabanne for the new perfume Black XS Los Angeles. According to her, this is a good opportunity to show her feminine side, abandoning her grunge look for the occasion.

Paco Rabanne’s Black XS perfume duos are known for their very rock spirit. Indeed, the famous fashion designer does not just launch niche fragrances, with each of them he takes us to a different universe. Also, Paco Rabanne has this time decided to push the rock atmosphere to its climax since a new version of his perfume called Black XS Los Angeles will soon see the light of day. Thus, it is a tribute to the city which is considered to be the true birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll.

The smell of Black XS for Elle Los Angeles

The new perfume Black XS Los Angeles is an essence that likes to play on contrasts. Quickly forget the overly smooth aspect of some juices, this one has a temper and it makes you feel it. Indeed, it juxtaposes a very sensual aspect to a more raw side. Its flight is particularly invigorating. We can smell a bitter orange in particular. It is almost candied so as to recall the scent of a marmalade. It is then associated with cranberry as well as coconut and tamarind, which gives it a more exotic appearance. In this case, the tamarind is a wood typically native to the island of Reunion. It then brings a strong dose of heat to the whole. Likewise, another iconic ingredient from this part of the globe also finds its place at the heart of Black XS Los Angeles. This is rum. However, this is very precisely dosed and does not become heady. It is, in this case, associated with very feminine scents of rose and orchid. Finally, Black XS Los Angeles ends with a scent of amber, vanilla and musk. It is particularly from there that it comes all its intensity. He then combines wonderfully animal scents with an exotic sweetness. The rendering immediately becomes very sensual.

The rock ‘n’ roll universe of the new Paco Rabanne

With this essence, Paco Rabanne intends to plunge us into a very rock ‘n’ roll world. Also, this getaway in the heart of Los Angeles begins with the vision of the new bottle. Indeed, it is like the essence it contains. On the one hand, it is all round and in this sense remains particularly feminine. Likewise, at its base, it lets us see its tender pinkish beige color. However, most of this glass case is covered with an intense black lacquer. This was already present in the first version of the men’s fragrance Black XS . This color immediately recalls leather, an emblematic symbol of the rock ‘n’ roll spirit. Also, the one who will be responsible for representing the face of this new essence is none other than Sky Ferreira. The beauty has more than one string to her bow. In this case, she is known to be a singer, songwriter, performer, model and even an actress. In addition, it is the little protégé of Miley Cyrus. Also, if the two young women are so close, it is undoubtedly because they are almost as provocative as the other. Suffice to say that the rock spirit of the new Black XS Los Angeles suits him. We are already looking forward to discovering the advertising campaign for this new essence …

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