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Paco Rabanne – Olympéa Box

Paco Rabanne - Olympéa Box
Paco Rabanne – Olympéa Box

Olympéa, the irresistible goddess of Paco Rabanne

After One Million and Lady Million, Paco Rabanne offers his hero Invictus a goddess totally at the height of her extraordinary powers: Olympéa. Because yes, Paco Rabanne likes to create couples of perfumes, couples of dreams which, with a dose of well-conducted exaggeration, offers us our fantasies in fragrances.

The femininity of the beautiful Olympéa is at its peak thanks to the three renowned perfumers Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion, Loc Dong who participated in this fragrance full of contrasts between a fruity candor and an incandescent and so original salty vanilla sensuality.

Regarding the pretty goddess Olympéa , the perfume house did not hesitate for a single second to overplay the great Greco-Roman classics to highlight its goddess, the only goddess Olympéa. In the paradise of the gods, Olympéa is the queen. She walks proud and cheerful and bends the most gigantic marble columns like the gods. Mr. Invictus is won over , Olympéa is irresistible.

“Olympea, the modern Cleopatra! Her magnetic gaze and her eau de parfum carry us in the wake of her seduction. »Paco Rabanne for Olympéa.
Thus Invictus and Olympéa form the new glamorous and terribly antique couple from the Paco Rabanne house. Beautiful, young, irresistible, like the One Million-Lady Million couple, the Greco-Roman couple plays with their charms to suggest to us their totally whimsical universe, although based on a mythological reality.

With Olympéa, Paca Rabanne once again signs a provocative but not devoid of humor communication campaign, the master of haute-couture wants to sell dreams but not for all that forget his taste for exaggeration and parody …

Between sensuality and flowers, the goddess Olympéa shines with a thousand lights …

The Olympéa bottle is quite similar to its ancient universe, moreover, a sign of chance or fate, it is a designer named Marc-Ange who made the precious glass, that is to say. It is presented as a medallion or an antique piece all dressed in pastel pink, as if to better mix the modernity of colors with the historical aspect of its form. As for the crown of pale pink laurels, it decorates the bottle of Olympéa in a very symbolic way, reminding us of the famous crown given to the great winners of the Roman games of Antiquity.

Olympéa opens with a blend of a powerful iodine note of calone and very fresh green mandarin, which gives the fragrance a very original salty vanilla flight . At the heart, delicate and very aquatic water jasmine merges into luminous and bewitching solar notes. Finally the depths will be contrasted between delicacies of vanilla and caramel and sensual woody notes. Sandalwood, cashmeran, patchouli and musk will turn into a burning velvet thanks to the sweet notes.

“[…] Under his heels the earth trembles, and its perfume is bewitching. Trouble in paradise.
A carnal, animal salty vanilla, in front of which we bow.
Sexy queen. »Paco Rabanne for Olympéa.

Discover the set of the latest feminine perfume from Maison Paco Rabanne, a mythical perfume, is contemporary at the same time it is directly inspired by Greco-Roman mythology.

Olympéa box

Olympéa Eau de Parfum Christmas Gift Box 2015 by Paco Rabanne
Olympéa Eau de Parfum Christmas Gift Box 2015 by Paco Rabanne

Buy Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa Box at the best price on Fragrenza Perfumes.

The Olympéa Paco Rabanne box is composed of the Eau de Parfum Spray 50 ml and as a GIFT the Olympéa Body Lotion in 100 ml.

Fragrance – Olympéa

Creation of Loc Dong and Anne Flipo, Olympéa resonates like a resolutely modern, divine perfume, captivating it opens with notes of salty vanilla sublimated by the flowery heart of the jasmine-based perfume. The base revolves around amber softened by a note of green mandarin.

Olympéa Eau de Parfum by Paco Rabanne
Olympéa Eau de Parfum by Paco Rabanne

Bottle – Olympéa

Marc Ange réalise le mythique flacon du parfum Olympéa en verre teinté d’un rose pastel, de forme ronde au contour entouré de feuilles de laurier métalliques couleur or rose. Le flacon devient un talisman des aphrodites moderne, un objet de séduction. L’étui arbore une couleur rose pale au centre le nom du parfum entouré d’ailes blanches. Dans le même esprit que son semblable masculin Invictus.  Flacon inspiré des modèles antique de forme ronde entouré d’une couronne de couleur or rose.

Famille Olfactive : Orientale – Boisée

Note de Tête : Calone, Mandarine
Note de Cœur : Jasmin Blanc
Note de Fond : Caramel, Santal, Cashmeran, Note Patchouli, Gousse de Vanille, Muscs
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