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Invictus, the scent of modern heroes

Invictus, the scent of modern heroes
Invictus, the scent of modern heroes

The Paco Rabanne fashion house was founded in 1966 by Francesco Rabaneda y Cuervo, known as “Paco Rabanne”. His first collection made of plastics and metal shows the visionary and avant-garde side of the Spanish designer. He even went so far as to imagine a dress for Françoise Hardy made of gold plates and studded diamonds.

He will also be Mylène Farmer’s private couturier during her tours. He turned to perfumery in 1969, with “Calandre”, little known, and it was therefore with “Paco Rabanne pour Homme” in 1973 that he took his place. In 2013, he presented “Invictus”, a dazzling masculine fragrance.

The Greek hero revisited according to Paco Rabanne

According to Paco Rabanne, “Invictus was born from the desire to talk about sport in an innovative way, by sublimating the social fantasy it represents…” You must first of all know that “Invictus” means “undefeated” . This sets the tone, and we immediately understand that Paco Rabanne’s fragrance will be made of strength and power.

Halfway between mythology and reality, “Invictus” reveals an inaccessible fantasy. His power is manly and he is blessed by the Gods… “Invictus” is unmistakably the scent of a modern-day hero, of an athlete who wins. In this sense, “Invictus” is the absolute hero and represents man in all his power. Invincible, the “Invictus” man is brimming with energy. He exudes an extraordinary sensuality, an extraordinary charisma.

The 45-second commercial is an allegory of victory. We see the journey of a champion, represented by rugby player Nick Youngquest in the euphoria of victory, from the entrance to the stadium to the locker room. A disproportionate advertising clip broadcast in Europe, the Middle East and South America.

The powerful notes of Invictus

It is the noses, Véronique Nyberg, Olivier Polge, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion who were chosen to create the scent of victory.

Here, we are not talking about a traditional olfactory pyramid, since “Invictus” is built around two contradictory olfactory sensations, namely freshness and strength. Its freshness is composed of grapefruit notes, associated with marine notes leading us into a very aquatic universe. The heart is aromatic, because it contains laurel flowers, which will be enhanced by guaiac wood, a very sensual wood. Finally, the base combines a woody amber accord with the presence of ambergris and patchouli. The set offers a composition that no one can resist.

As for the bottle, it is a trophy, that of course, of victory. The bottle was designed by the designer Cédric Ragot. The trophy is here dressed in silver wings and a solid glass for an ultra manly look.

“Invictus” is an extraordinary perfume because it represents the heroes of modern times. Strong, powerful and disproportionate, “Invictus” is undoubtedly the fragrance of victory.

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